Dear participants of Fly-In Ankara,

Reading this Survival Guide carefully will help you find out anything, we considered useful for you to know about this event.

Here you will find the information you might need during your stay. We advise you to read it carefully before you start your trip to make sure you are clear with the main schedule. If there are certain aspects that you find unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would be glad to help you.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Ankara!

Fly-In Ankara 2018 Organizing Team


To help you with packing your bags we have prepared a short checklist for you:

  • Passport/ Visa/ ID card
  • Toothbrush and medicine
  • Pocket money
  • Formalwear for the final dinner
  • Something for the International Spirits Night (drink and/or sweets)
  • Flag
  • Towels
  • Good shoes to walk through the city
  • An umbrella and warm clothing
  • Phone charger

Sample Price Guide

  • A glass of beer: 12 – 20 TL
  • Cocktail: 20 – 30 TL
  • Cup of Coffee: 7 – 15 TL
  • Hamburger Menu: 15 – 20 TL
  • Turkish Kebab: 18 – 25 TL
  • Pizza: 15 – 20 TL
  • Salad: 10 – 15 TL

Exchange Rate (23/09/18)

1 € = 7.41 TL

1 $ = 6.29 TL

1 RON = 1.59 TL

It will be advantageous to convert your money to TL in the center. Because at the airport you’ll have to pay a commission fee to change your money.


In Turkey, the power sockets are type F sockets. These sockets also work with plug C and E.




Important Phone Numbers

Halime Selimoğlu   +905446909945

Sarp Algan                +905344524643

Emergency phone numbers

Fire                110

Police            155

Ambulance  112


 #Inn14 Hostel: +90 312 215 90 90










Here, you can download the pdf version of the survival guide below.